Colouring Manga sugestion/Request!

Abdulahad Athar

New member
Hey,I am very much new to the anime/Manga thing
I will get straight to the point,I went on the internet and read about "must watch animes/Manga" and I have seen a good amount of anime but never read a manga, now I am going to and I have heard alot about BERSERK and I have seen the 1997 anime and it is so good! I just want a coloured version of manga so I can read 350+ chapters ,its very hard to read in BW and Colouring a manga which has not been yet animated would be way more good than colouring a manga that has already been animated like BLEACH
I would very much appreciate it if you could manage to do this
Please inform and Thanks
love your work!! Absolutely love it!!


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Mangas have always been in black and white and will always be so. If you really want a colored one I recommend you buy them yourself and color them in.
If you dont want that you should stick to manhwas or manhuas. No one is gonna color mangas for you