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Touched grass in a haunted area for like 4 days :), heres wtf happened in that time:
Thursday, was called in to work a shift, tossed out trash w/ the assistant managers, we found alcohol(we do not sell alcohol), got home and then my friend pulled up after a while. We decided to do alcohol(fireball) and then mixed said alcohol with tampico(a grave mistake I would later learn) and then we decided to get high and do weed and shroom gummies. I greened out and became incoherent but remembered everything, my friend thought i was dying ig cause I heard the word 'ambulance' and immediately tried to get off the toilet whilst trying not to vomit or pass out again. That said, I had the best sleep ever though.
Friday-mud riding time for the first time and the only thing i can say is how alive I felt despite holding onto my friend for a while. I got used to the bumpiness after a while and was having fun but that was during the day time. My friend's husband and his half brother got like stuck or something and their 4 wheeler gave out so we had to figure out how to get everyone back without anything to pull with and had to pull using the weakest thing ever. Night came while the motorbike was being repaired and then finally it was fixed up so we could go night riding. While me and my friend were waiting for everyone else to grab their coats from inside, we were sitting out there alone when we heard a whistle and saw a shadow figure, we decided to go riding anyways and afteer about 15-20 minutes we were on a road to get to a shortcut to the next dirt road and our four wheeler just....suddenly slowed down and i saw the wheel swerve and shake like something we hadnt seen just grabbed onto and then the last thing i remembered before we "crashed" was the four wheel tilting whilst boosting into the air. I apparently went flying and hit the front pipe and landed on top of my friend before rolling face first onto the ground. My friend either saved me or rolled me off just before the four wheeler landed on her leg and rolled up her back. I dont remember a thing about that outside of landing on my side after being flung off, but when I cam to, I was sitting up, my friend was freaking out, I was internally panicking cause I had a screwdriver in my pocket just before all that went down and it was nowhere in sight. Her husband came back around whilst his sibling was panicking cause his sibling saw everything happen since he was looking back at us. He got us on his four wheeler and we went back to their home but his sibling had to stand there in the dark and just wait for him to return after getting us home and making sure we were alright. My eye was hella fucked up and basically my entire left part of my body hurt including my whole head.(i think I got a concussion), my friend got the worst of it tho cause unlike me, she was wearing shorts so she got a bit of a skin removal and glass to the leg.
Saturday- went to shower, eye was feeling a bit better but it was mostly lounging around cause we both were in severe pain. Went to the room I was staying in, it was TRASHED, the door was locked, no animals like going back there and a gun that was in the room including clothes were just....missing? The clothes and food I brought were also strewn across the floor and the trash can had been thrown. I discovered something had literally torn through my bag, but opened up the candy in a civilized manner and ate and left zero crumbs except the wrappers that was left on the floor. It was an XL KitKat and XL hershey dark chocolate btw. My friend came in after I told her about it and discovered that also her decor and luggage that was in the room along with a phone were missing. That spooked me and I decided to just sleep in the living room. At some point I thought their dog was trying to escape the room it was in but I later found out it was actively being choked and the text that I sent about thinking the dog was escaping, literally saved its life. I only got like an hour of sleep cause I kept feeling an off vibe and hearing noises in the house whilst everyone was sleeping.
Sunday-4am came around, the dog from earlier began barking and growling. I found out why based on the sound I heard from the room from earlier where shit was going missing and I booked it to my friend's room and hid in her private bathroom until daylight. While in there, I kept hearing a tapping noise on the door but I knew they her and her husband were both asleep and I didnt wanna wake her cause she was literally sick from the pain. I also heard the tapping noise head to the window from outside so I stayed in the bathroom hidden until like 6am. I left and then their cat followed me out which made me feel a lot better and I finally got some sleep at like 7 or 8. I had a weird dream where I discovered pieces of someone's remains??? That was horrifying given what I had just experienced.
Later on, it was time for me to leave, I hesitantly went to the back room to collect my things, noticed my bag out of place but thought nothin of it cause I was tired. We headed to my home to drop me off. Then they went back home and noticed EVEN MORE STUFF HAD GONE MISSING from that same room including the pistol we'd locked up, even more clothes, a family gun and the husband's gunas well. I checked my own belongings and I had stuff MISSING as well???(outside of the candy that legit was eaten by something) My ac adapter cord for my console was missing, my copy of Ever Oasis is missing, and also my usb stick??? I was admittedly scared after coming home ngl
Great things happening to me on twitter dot com, like I was literally just being factual


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